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In the seven years I've been developing cool things for the web, I've worked with a lot of tools and frameworks. Any good full-stack developer has to keep up with the trends in both the UI/design scene and the back-end paradigms. For more detail, see my resume.


This is what makes the stuff you see. Good design, fluid UX, and a clean UI. Important if you're on the latest version of Chrome, IE 9, or even a screenreader.




reactgatsbyreact native (expo)




...and all the stuff you never see. The blood, sweat, and tears of a dozen servers toiling day and night. Let's not forget about them.


jsphp (...ew)mysqlzsh (bash)


expresssequelizewordpressapacheubunturhelarch linux (wsl)amazon linux


herokunetlifyairtableawsazuregcp (datastore, app engine, compute)firebase (firestore, cloud functions)


If we were all using magnets on hard disks to program, it would take quite a long time to get anything done. Thankfully, we aren't, and I use these tools to accelerate the software development cycle. Oh, and a few more non-webdev goodies: it doesn't hurt to play with art once in a while.




githubcirclecitravisciazure pipelinesgoogle analyticsplausiblesentry

non-webdev things


some work


This website is built with Gatsby and React. It's hosted through a CI/CD pipeline on Netlify.


My GitHub where you can find the source code for many projects, personal and professional.


Ported the PHP site to Prismic CMS on top of Gatsby, allowing non-technical content editors. The site facilitates millions of dollars in microgrants under the Canadian government's youth and coronavirus response initiatives. It also meets accessibility standards and is IE-compatible to ensure it can reach disadvantaged communities.

Volunteering Peel

A complete redesign of the decade-old site, equipped with a custom data management system capable of real-time editing. Full-stack TypeScript: Express + Sequelize (MySQL) on the back-end and React + Semantic UI on the front-end.

Fraser Votes

An election management solution for high schools built with React and Firebase. Students of the Peel District School Board can view the site here.

Pain and Agony

An open archive of practice problems and study material from the University of Waterloo CS/Wilfrid Laurier University BBA double degree program. Waterloo and Laurier students looking to contribute can do so here.

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